Sustainable Fabrics

Our vision: ADO fabrics are becoming green

Our long-term goal is to transform our range of fabrics to 100% recycled materials in order to prevent the use of virgin resources, instead, keeping the pre-existing ones within the cycle of use. In order to get closer to this goal, together with our producers, we’ve developed our first sustainable collection that consists of between 39% and 63% recycled polyester.

How can synthetic fibers be sustainable?

While the production of synthetic fibers requires more energy than natural fibers, conversely, less water and dyestuffs are needed. Synthetic materials also don’t need to be cultivated. So we save on agricultural land, water and pesticides, which aren’t needed at all. But the biggest plus is their longevity, because synthetic fibers have a high level of color and light fastness. The fabrics maintain their brilliance even when exposed to strong UV light through the windows. And dyestuffs take better on the fibers, whilst the fabrics can be washed more often without losing their intensity. In short, your curtains will be with you for much longer.








ADO RE at a glance:

_ Savings on energy, water and CO2
_ Positive environmental contribution due to the use of plastic waste in fabrics
_ Longevity thanks to timeless design and excellent light fastness and washability
_ Reusability
_ No compromising on quality

Sustainable product care
Curtains don’t need to be washed as often as you might think and, above all, not at high temperatures. Usually a short wash cycle at max. 30°C is sufficient to attain the desired cleaning effect. Either avoiding spinning all together or just a short spin also saves energy and is kinder to the fibers. In order to avoid the release of microplastics into the water, hard items like curtain hooks should be removed and the curtain placed in a microfiber-catching laundry bag.

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