Cool Tweed RE

1001 / 110
ADO - H23
Opaque decoration fabric
Fabric width
300 cm

50% Wool (recycled), 40% Acrylic (recycled), 10% Polyester

Properties / Usage
Room high | washable
Sound absorbing according to DIN EN ISO 354
Railroded fabric = selvage at top and bottom
Thermal properties
Incl. recycled raw material
Roman blind
Care instructions
Wash gently at 30 degrees
Do not bleach
Do not dry
Iron over medium heat
Clean gently (P)
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COOL TWEED is our recycled woolen wonder. It consists of 90% recycled Italian yarn, made of post-consumer waste. Thanks to the thorough pre-sorting of textiles there is no need for any further dyeing processes. Its modern multicolored effect is created through the small, brightly colored fibers that are woven in. Fun facts: the smart fiber structure of the wool has high insulation capacities and can absorb up to 40% of its dry weight in ambient moisture, ensuring a really wonderful indoor air quality. It is also not prone to creasing and, thanks to its natural oils, is naturally dirt-repellent.

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