Antiviral fabrics

ADO fabrics with added hygiene

Antiviral textiles are great preventative measures when it comes to hygiene, but not only in clinics, hospitals, retirement homes and other locations with more stringent demands on hygiene requirements and/or higher visitor traffic. They are becoming increasingly relevant in our own four walls, especially during and post-pandemic.

How do antiviral fabrics work?  
During the production of our antiviral fabrics, silver ions are incorporated into the fibers and firmly anchored into the finishing process. The silver ions embedded in the fiber disrupt important functions of the microorganism so that cell division can no longer take place. The antimicrobial effect is achieved with the material finish of the fabrics. It protects from bacteria, molds and fungi. Fabrics with an antimicrobial finish are washable to 30 ° C.




Advantages at a glance:
_ preventative hygiene measures for sensitive and private areas
_ protection from bacteria, micro-organisms, molds and fungi  
_ washable up to 30° C
_ Flame retardant properties are unaffected


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