Dimout fabrics

Darken rooms and sleep better

A good night's sleep requires a dark bedroom. A light environment, caused by streetlights or advertising boards for example, can disrupt your night's sleep, which over time can even be harmful to your health. Drapery and curtains are the conventional bedroom assistants to help with this, as they work with any furnishing style and give every bedroom a homely feel. Somewhat more playful variants emphasise the country cottage style, light colours are perfect for the Scandinavian look and sleek curtains work well in a modern setup.


The Relax Blackout 1398 blackout fabric radiates sophistication and elegance, while its rich palette lets you add a touch of colour.

Our ADO CoverTex system makes giving bedrooms a new and cosy look simple. It's suitable for both walls and headboards!



All the benefits at a glance:


- A good night's sleep thanks to sufficient darkness

- Homely room ambience

- No construction required

- Better room acoustics

- Wide range of colours

- Room-height materials, no intermediate seams

- Easy to clean, washable at 30 °C

Your local retailer will be happy to advise you on our range of blackout fabrics!

ADO has two types of blackout fabrics. Blackout fabrics cut out 99 per cent of light with their coated fabrics. Meanwhile, closely woven decorative dimout fabrics cut out 80 to 98 per cent of light. Despite their blackout characteristics, ADO dimout fabrics are smooth and soft, with an elegant look and a beautiful pleat formation.


Discover the entire ADO blackout fabrics collection!

ADO CoverTex: Minimal effort with maximum impact!

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