ADO CoverTex / wall covering system

Easy to install, simple to decorate.

The ADO CoverTexTM wall covering system is suitable for a wide rangeof applications and has many benefits. One advantage is the simpleinstallation process. It is possible to secure the innovative system ina matter of seconds without a lot of effort. The supporting rails areattached to the wall and the fabric selected is fix ed to the rails usinga special spatula. This way, you can totally or partially renovate yourspace quickly, simply and cleanly. Thanks to the robust, flexible rails, you can even use curvesas wall coverings. The adaptability of the system means that it can be used in countlessdifferent ways, including, for example, as a wall covering on the rear side of a wardrobe,shelf unit or headboard.

The video for the installation of our ADO CoverTex wall covering system is available to you, as our specialist dealer, protected by password. If you would like to ask for a password, please contact your sales representative by stating your customer number.

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