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Beautiful drapery or an airy set of curtains make any home feel that little bit cosier. They also offer a whole series of advantages - from protecting you from prying eyes, to blocking out too much sunlight or the cold, right through to improving room acoustics. Drapery and curtains can be made from virtually any kind of material and integrated in practically any room or interior design thanks to the wide range of ready-made product types available on the market. While long, heavy drapery with elegantly arranged wave pleats are perfect for the bedroom, short curtains, cafe curtains and roller blinds made from low-maintenance fabric are more suitable for the kitchen.


Here is where you'll gain an overview of the different options for ready-made products made from our drapery fabrics. Our professional interior designers will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have - you can reach the shop finder HERE.


Curtain tapes - perfect pleats for any occasion

Curtain tapes are the ideal addition for giving a decoration that certain something. The biggest challenge is choosing the right tape. The extensive collection of ADO curtain tapes offers you over 200 variants with a variety of individual design options. The high quality standard and the wide range of special decorative and pleating tapes allow for effortless use and optimal decorative results. All of our tape products are easy to use, low-maintenance and can be washed and ironed without a hitch.


So, which curtain tape is right for your particular surrounding and requirements?


Shirring Tapes

Shirring tapes are popular for use with fabrics, as they form soft decorative pleats and ensure the pleats hang loosely. They are ideal for patterned curtains and decorative fabrics that can be decorated in pleats perfectly in line with the repeat.


Wave Tapes

Wave pleat tapes and wave curtain tapes enable a very modern way of decorating, thanks to the wave-shaped way the pleats hang. The most modern tapes are suitable for almost all fabrics (single-colour, all-over or horizontal stripe fabric articles). The uniformity and full depth of the wave pleat is expressed across the entire decoration.


Pleating Tapes

Pleating tapes with fixed pleat groups with a width of 26 mm to 100 mm allow precise pleats to be created with ease. Pleating tapes are available in a variety of different versions, which vary in terms of fullness, distances between pleats and pleat groups from single to seven-fold pleats.


Pencil Pleat Tapes

Pencil pleat tapes ensure that the pleats hang elegantly and precisely. Thanks to the vertically liked and rounded pleats, the pencil pleat tape is the perfect choice for many decoration options. It can also be used for almost all curtains and drapery.


Embellished Pleating Tapes

Always ideal for use with fixed decorations, valances or tie-backs, embellished pleating tapes create a modern decoration and ensure that the pleats hang evenly.


Flat Pleating Tapes

Flat pleating tapes create a very beautiful and uniform pleat formation. To strengthen the upper pleat gathering, it is important to secure the pleats on the tape by sewing over them. This keeps the pleats securely in the desired position and avoids the need for unnecessary redecorating.


Terrific without tape – ready-made products without curtain tapes

While the aim of manufacturing curtains with curtain tape is to produce precise, perfect pleats, a natural drape is paramount for curtains that do not feature a curtain tape. Loosely hanging pleats can be created with the following ready-made products without a curtain tape, for example:



Tab top drapes and curtains are very easy to install and are among the most popular types of drapery. Their tabs are simply slid onto the drapery pole. However, it's also possible to mount them to curtain rails or curtain tracks. The result is loosely falling drapery with a light look and natural drape.



Curtains or drapery with eyelets are a breeze when it comes to mounting and decoration - they merely have to be slid onto the curtain pole. They can only be attached to curtain or drapery poles - and not ceiling rails.


Tie tabs

An intricate look with tie tabs is highly decorative and looks especially sophisticated in a country-style living room, romantic bedroom or cheerful child's room. Particularly light, airy and semi-transparent fabrics look great with tie tabs. The length of the ready-made drapery length can be flexibly altered depending on the length of the tie tabs - you can vary the length by simply tying them. Our tip for you: A design with tie tabs doesn't just look good on windows - it also makes a great impression when hung up on a bedframe, for example.


Rod pocket with head

This type of ready-made product is produced by sewing the top of the fabric into a tunnel shape so that the drapery or curtains can simply be slid onto the pole. Drapery and curtains that are ready made in this way are simple to hang up. Tailor-made drapery and curtains featuring a rod pocket with head are suitable for curtain poles, track rails and curtain rails.


For individualists

We offer a wide range of options for customising your tailormade drapery in line with your wishes - right down to the little details. Edging can provide a colour border to your drapery, while a double curtain tape prevents nosy neighbours from peeping in. Create fabulous accents with a colourful decorative panel while referencing back to our interior design's colour concept. From sophisticated macramé elements to tuck edging - the sky's the limit!


Bias binding
Double curtain tape (concealed tape)
Tuck edging and lower decorative panel
Standard lining

Practical yet stylish – the Roman blind

Practicality is the be-all and end-all when it comes to choosing fabrics for the kitchen. Curtains should let in enough light to be able to work and cook, while also keeping out prying eyes. The Roman blind offers the best of both worlds. Yet this practical ready-made product isn't just ideal for the kitchen - it can be used anywhere that floor-length drapery wouldn't work, as well as if you would like to be able to flexibly react to changing lighting conditions and maintain your privacy. The blind is moved up or down with a gentle tug. However, a number of options are available for Roman blinds - not just in terms of roller technology, but also when it comes to ready-made product services.


Roman blind with rods
Roman blind with tucks
Wave tuck blind
Roman blind with vertical strips

The classic for the kitchen - Cafe curtains


Cafe curtains - also known as panneaux - are one of the most popular types of kitchen curtains of all time. Why exactly is that? Well, it's because they allow in enough light, provide the right level of privacy, look perfect in a white country kitchen, are traditional, airy, light and often beautifully embroidered. Discover our cafe curtain fabrics Arnica, Lia and Buttercup.


Straightforward and flexible - the panel curtain

Panel curtains - also known as sliding panel curtains - are flat, vertical, rectangular-shaped window decorations that run on sliders. Wide fabric panels are flexible and easy to move, while also appearing to float on the ceiling. They are ideal for sunlight protection or privacy screens on floor-to-ceiling windows and glass façades, and can even serve as room dividers. Our tip for you: Lovely colour gradients can be created using different tones within one colour family.

Our classic - ADO Cordon string curtain

ADO Cordon and Cordon Flow are true design elements - not just when used on windows, but also as room dividers. The string curtain can be cut to any length and looks most elegant when hanging straight and ready made without pleats. Why not put it to use on patio doors - it'll look great!


Ready-made product range

Traditional curtains have always been very popular. From festoon net curtains, to valances and jardinieres, right through to criss-cross curtains - traditional ready-made product types truly come to life in airy, light fabrics.


Festoon net curtain

A number of panels are sewn together as a ruffled, cloud-like structure for this theatre-inspired window decoration. This type of curtain is primarily made from softly draping transparent fabrics and is particularly suitable for stylish decorations.


The jardiniere is a classic ready-made product with a voluminous pleat. The gap between the jardiniere and the centre of the window allows windowsills to be spruced up with flowers and other decorative elements. There are countless possibilities for the shape and lengths of the lower edge. This type of curtain provides you with plenty of privacy, yet allows in enough light when transparent or semi-transparent fabrics are used.


Criss-cross curtains and country cottage curtains

Criss-cross curtains - for floor-to-ceiling windows and country cottage curtains, as well as small windows - are perfect for a country house inspired interior. Whether it's used in the kitchen or any other room: this set of curtains brings a touch of cosiness to any home. The accompanying tie-backs serve as decorative accents and allow an unobstructed view outside. When drawn to the side, the curtain perfectly frames any window.


Pelmet and valance

The valance - also known as the pelmet - is the perfect solution if you would like to conceal unattractive shutter housing or curtain rails. Pelmets are simply attached to the curtain rail with Velcro tabs. The lower edge of the pelmet or valance can be tailored into different shapes. A valance's lower edge can also be decorated with a sewn-on or ironed-on fringe. A pleated valance looks particularly refined when used as part of a country-house interior design or hygge, Scandinavian look. The smoothly draping pelmet fits into almost any interior design thanks to its sleek appearance.


Professional and individual consulting

Our tip for you: Get in touch with a professional interior designer. Our range of curtains and drapery is very extensive. As not just selecting the right curtains, but also the best options for installation and manufacturing can quickly become overwhelming, it's well worth taking a trip to an interior designer. You won't regret investing in premium quality drapery that's been manufactured professionally.


Do you know about our five-year quality guarantee? Learn more HERE.

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