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ADO Goldkante fabrics are tactile

ADO Goldkante has been creating collections with gorgeous curtain, drapery and upholstery fabrics for more than 60 years, enhancing the vitality of homes around the world. Our fabrics and textiles are lively, vibrant and suitable for all styles, thanks to their creative designs and natural, fresh looks that come in a variety of colours. You can seamlessly combine the ADO collections with other styles – especially with your own personal design ideas.


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From the idea to your home

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A textile product leaves our warehouse every two minutes


4,500 fabrics are available in our warehouse at all times.


We sell ADO fabrics in 30 countries


The production of each drapery involves 14 pairs of hands.


5,000 metres of golden thread are woven every day.



86 per cent of the German population recognise the ADO Goldkante brand.


Over 6,000 shop partners sell ADO fabrics.

You need to feel the fabric first in order to truly see it.

Andreas Zimmer / Management Director -

The "Goldkante"

ADO Goldkante has been like a common thread, running through our range of products for almost 50 years. In fact, this thread is golden, and serves as our brand logo!

You can find the golden thread on the lower seam of our drapery fabrics. A golden thread is entwined around a weight tape that enables our fabrics to hang from windows smoothly and evenly. The golden thread has weight; to be precise, a metre-long golden thread weighs 30 grams. However, draperies from ADO Goldkante are by no means heavy or clunky. Our textiles have a fresh and natural look and exude lightness and harmony.

Milestones – On the path to success

Many brands accompany us through our lives, and we may often find ourselves wondering who or what is actually behind them. ADO Goldkante is a brand that is steeped in tradition with a long history. The company was founded by the Wulf family in 1954 and was named after the district in which it was founded: AschenDOrf in the region of Emsland. As a German brand, ADO set standards from the very beginning and developed innovative products for textile room design.

In 1968, the golden thread became the logo of the brand that has stood for high quality and continues to do so today. The brand also carries an enormous amount of potential when it comes to advertising: Over three-quarters of the German population recognise ‘that one with the golden thread’.

In 2013, ADO Goldkante was acquired by ZIMMER + ROHDE, an international textiles manufacturing group that draws on its rich tradition and wealth of experience spanning over 100 years to create and market high-quality, innovative interior textiles. Zimmer + Rohde, headquartered in Oberursel (near Frankfurt am Main), has branches in England, France, Italy, Poland, the Middle East, Asia and the US, and impresses customers worldwide with its top-quality products.

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