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3, 2,! Green today, brightly colored tomorrow, striped the next day. Be inspired by your ideas and desire to make changes and boost the feel-good factor in your home whenever you feel like it.

SNAPSHOT from ADO makes this kind of spontaneity possible and gives you the satisfaction of acting sustainably, confidently and respectfully: it’s a collection in the here and now – fresh, dynamic, young and brimming with optimism. At the same time, the fabrics are easy to care for, of a high quality, made of recycled materials and uncomplicated in their handling and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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FLANEUR 1051 / 865


Blogger is a successful influencer for stylish living, all the way from the look to the feel. With its casual salt-and-pepper texture, the fabric is available in a palette ranging from naturally homey to more commercial hues. Top performance is ensured by the thermal and acoustic properties of the chenille yarn: this decorative and upholstery fabric offers a whole host of room design options.

MOMENTUM 3313 / 935

For lovers of light-filled rooms and low-maintenance effortlessness: the earthy yet translucent fabric ELSEWHERE comes in a choice of 15 nature-inspired colors.

Elegant, natural and minimalist, SNAPSHOT offers homey looks to suit every interior. The new collection from ADO will awaken the Polaroid feeling in you: seize the moment and our fabrics will follow! Turn your interior ideas for your home into a reality – or let us inspire you. Snap your style!

ELSEWHERE 3006 / 883


Create, change and upgrade your home according to your own rules – whether soft, smooth, textured or opaque materials are your thing, or whether you prefer things flowery, geometric, colorful or natural. A wide range of designs, colors and materials allow you to design your home exactly to your own tastes – after all, home is what you make it.

POEM FR RE 2510 / 553

High-tech for the high life

The Hi upholstery series combines aesthetics with the highest quality and guarantees many years of visual and haptic pleasure. Thanks to its specially developed and tested Hitex® fibers, it’s a joy to use. The fabric is fully synthetic, which is why it is particularly easy to care for and clean compared to yarns made from natural raw materials.

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