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It feels great to see completed drapery or new chair upholstery made from our fabric. Our textiles complete a long journey before they reach your home. Meanwhile, countless pairs of hands and creative minds work to ensure that we release two new collections each year. With all of that in mind, we’d like to introduce a few of our employees and show you which departments make up a textile manufacturing company such as our own, and how people work within them.


We’re starting off with Marlene. She's a textile designer who's working in the design department of ADO Goldkante. We hope you enjoy getting to know her.

Here’s what her colleagues have to say about her...


Marlene is great. She’s easy to work with, and Marlene’s hands-on, head-on and heart-on. I couldn’t ask for a better colleague. It’s so much fun working with her in the team, and we always have so much to laugh about. (Lutz Neubert, Head of Design)


Read our interview to find out more about Marlene.

Hi, Marlene!


ADO: Why is ‘Atacama’ your favourite fabric?

Marlene: I like the texture of Atacama a lot. I also like its modern look. 


ADO: Describe your typical day at ADO.

Marlene: What we do here can change so much from day-to-day. Depending on what stage the collection is at, we do completely different things. It might be developing collection concepts and colour schemes, creating new designs, removing colours from the collection, planning and doing photoshoots, designing samples and much more. 


ADO: You’ve been working in ADO Creation for almost five years.

Marlene: The fact that every collection is different means it’s always exciting. But it’s great when we have our photoshoots as then you get to see the fabrics up close and personal for the first time in a fantastic environment. Before a shoot you can only guess how it’s going to look. 


ADO: What are your main tasks in Creation?

Marlene: They vary a lot, but the most important is that we end up with a great collection, and that happens with us thanks to excellent teamwork.

ADO: If you weren't a textile designer, which ADO department would you like to be a part of?

Marlene: Hmm, that's a tough question. I'm tempted to say I've already found the perfect department for me.


ADO: What's the most important tool you use at work?

Marlene: Oh, there are a few as my work varies so much from day to day. One day it might be scissors, on other days it might be my computer with the Wacom board, then the next it might be back to colour charts for colouration.


ADO: Where do you draw inspiration for all the fabric designs you create?

Marlene: Inspiration comes from everywhere; from walking through nature or having a coffee with friends in the city, from travelling, and of course a lot comes from blogs, magazines and the Internet.


ADO: Thank you so much Helen for the lovely interview.

And now the journey continues... the next ‘Talking shop’ interview, we’ll introduce you to Isabell Neukam, who works as head of our Purchasing department. She’s going to take us with her on her journeys and adventures with suppliers and producers. 

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