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Origami is the art of folding paper. It feels like this technique has been around for thousands of years, and it primarily serves to help people find a sense of inner peace and balance. We're also interested in reaching that relaxed state, and have therefore turned to origami ourselves. It's hard to stay calm when you fold the paper up smaller and smaller, since it gets harder and harder to shape it the way you want it. But the time really does fly by when you're fully concentrating on the act of folding, and you'll be proud of the end result. Watch out, though: This little craft is definitely addictive.


Folding is also a big trend in terms of interior design. Take a look at our article 'On flowers and vases' to see a gorgeous origami vase.

If you don't get any real diamonds as presents, you should at least get some paper ones. That's why we've put together a set of instructions for you to make some paper diamonds. What do you need to make them? Two square pieces of paper, double-sided tape and a certain finesse for folding. You can make monochrome or two-coloured diamonds. We went with the latter option.


You'll find the full set of instructions at the end of the article. If you want to combine the two sides of the diamond, we recommend using double-sided tape to do so. It worked well for us, and it looks nice, too.

Design tip:

Hang it up! The paper diamonds add a lovely decorative touch to your table and look great in a bowl. You can also easily hang them up from a curtain pole. Together with the drapery, they'll make for a brilliant eye-catcher in your window.


To match our colour combination of grey, black, yellow and orange, we chose 'Gio', a shimmery silver decorative fabric. If you want things to really twinkle and sparkle in your home, too, then take a look at our Marilyn fabric, which is studded all over with glass crystals. How do you like to dress your window? Sleek and minimal or striking and extravagant?

Origami folding instructions There are so many kinds of wonderful origami projects out there. Alongside the paper diamonds, we picked out three additional ones that really struck our fancy. Give them a try and, if you like, send a photo of your results over to The ADO team hopes you have some nice, relaxing fun :)

DIY paper diamond

DIY flower pot

DIY pleated tag

DIY Advent star

DIY flower pot

DIY Advent star

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