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Idea, design, production, shoot... finished! Sounds like a pretty quick process, right? Just five small steps and the new fabric can be admired in a beautifully composed photo. We want to show you the journey that our fabrics take - how exciting it is and how much goes into it! This post will focus in particular on the shooting process - and you'll be given a behind the scenes tour!

The ideas for new fabric designs come about here in Oberursel. Once the draft has been finalised, a weaving mill creates the actual fabric. The design is produced in a wide range of sizes, colours and fabrics and it is fine-tuned until it is perfect.


The next step is to use the fabrics in draperies, cushions or upholstery. A range of hanging techniques and processing steps are used to ensure that there is creative diversity. You can also find tips about the different hanging styles here.


At the same time, we begin to look for the right location. In recent years, there has been a strong trend towards booking private houses or flats for photo shoots. The advantage of this is the option of integrating attractive interior items into the shoot.


The weeks leading up to the shoot are filled with searching for decorations and accessories, organising the crew, arranging catering and so on.

Finally! The big day has arrived and it's happening! Everything is packed into a lorry and unloaded at the other end. We prepare the location and the coffee machine, a very important feature, is set up.

Preparing the individual scenes is often a sweat-inducing task. There are pieces of furniture to be moved, rugs to be carried, windows to be cleaned and draperies to be hung. And everyone in the team gets involved – nobody shies away from the hard work. The place is a beehive of manic activity. Everyone is running around but all the team members have specific tasks and know what they need to do.


Lutz Neubert and Marlene Müller are the creative masterminds of the concept. Together with the stylist, they ensure that the stage is set perfectly for our cherished fabrics. The photo crew ensures that the lighting and all the other technological aspects are just right.

With a click click click, the first few pictures are snapped and everyone is engrossed by what's on the screen. It's always thrilling to see what you've been planning for weeks appearing on the screen. Once the basic structure is right, the team works on perfecting the smaller details, such as the hang of the folds and the lighting mood. Once everyone is satisfied, the set is dismantled and the next one is built.

"A shoot is pure emotion - preparations, locations, chaos as far as the eye can see. But of course it's also a great team, pleasant meetings and a whole lot of joy when you witness how the pictures you have in your head become reality."
Lutz Neubert, ADO Chefdesigner

Shoot days like these can easily be as long as 12 hours because they involve up to 8 different scenes. This calls for an experienced team – and a cool head when something takes longer than expected. But the results speak for themselves and we hope they provide you with wonderful inspiration for your home. On all accounts, we pour our life and soul into it and we enjoy it.


You can check out the final photos from the shoot on our website: <link de-de inspiration-trends _blank>

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