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Last-minute Advent calendar

Download for paper bags

Please use paper of a size of 21 cm x 29,7 cm (DIN A4).


Every year, Christmas seems to almost creep up on us unexpectedly. Why is that the case? After all, it takes place on the same day each year, and you always know who you want to buy gifts. Would it really be so hard to get started on preparations a few weeks in advance and take a relaxed approach all through the Advent season? Yes, in fact, it would be – somehow, the rush and thrill of last-minute Christmas preparations are just as much a part of the holiday as gingerbread and fairly lights. For all of those who need a last-minute Advent calendar (again), we’ve put together some last-minute instructions to make one. 

We chose to make a modern black-and-white version. It'll fit with any house's decor, and its graphic design makes it a real eye-catcher. All you have to do is download the template to make the little paper bags, print it out and follow the instructions. You can do it really quickly; it only takes a few steps. We used silver Sellotape to paste it together, but you can use the regular clear kind as well. We made little paper bags in all different sizes to liven up our calendar.

How to make the little paper bags

Four of the bags are made of cloth. Since we wanted to make those quickly, too, we simply cut out cloth squares, folded them and gathered them at the tops - no sewing required. Now all you have to do is attach little number pendants, and you're done. We used the gorgeous Dekos Fresco, Cardomom, Colorido und Bohemia decorative fabric in shades of black and grey for the cloth bags. Of course, you can also use brighter fabrics for this if you'd prefer a pop of colour.

We hung up the little baggies on a decorative ladder, but you can also simply lay them down or hang them from a clothes hanger - that would also look great. So, what's still left to do? Oh yes - get the little goodies for the calendar, of course! Do you have any good ideas for things to put in an Advent calendar? Let us know: We need some inspiration! The ADO team would like to wish you a magical pre-Christmas season.

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